Harness the Power of Video in Education
To Train Students
More Effectively

With Our Complete Managed Solution

Wide Range of Features

Managed Lecture Capture Solution

We Help You Record your Classroom Lectures, Power Point Presentation etc in HD Video and audio format required for streaming online at a very affordable Cost.


Cloud powered Video Hosting and Management

With Videos for every subtopic of a chapter and for different Subjects it becomes very difficult to manage the Storage of the Videos on premises and on the cloud, We provide affordable Solutions for the Same.

On Demand Secure Video Streaming

In India 50% Never use the Desktop to Access the internet, With Our Solution video's can be played Smoothly and securely on any Device , any Platform.


Enhanced Student Experience with a
Learning Management System

A LMS Makes it Easier for You to Deliver a Course online to the students, It helps You Divide the Course into chapters ,sub-topics, with easy navigation, So that the Student can Directly Jump on the Video , they are looking For, Add Quiz after the videos. etc.


As Per your Requirement we can Develop a System which can be app based or Integrate your Website to it or Both.

No, There is No Limit As Such. Our Systems are Highly Scalable ,As per Your Requirement will Ramp up resources for your Learning Management Systems and do the necessary Changes. So Your Students Get a Seamless Experience.

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We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, .We also accept payment via Direct bank transfer or cheque. For more details, please contact billing@specialistdigital.com